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U. S. Highway 36 Association
P.O. Box 366 
110 West Kansas Avenue 
Smith Center, KS 66967

Phone: (785) 282 - 3548

Bonnie Youngquist - Assoc. Sec.

C. R. Cole - Field Rep. & Webmaster

E. Kellner - Field Rep.

Historic US 36 is an adventure across Kansas! 

Your 13 county adventure begins in Doniphan County - 
cross over the Missouri River at St. Joseph, MO into Elwood, KS. Then drive westward to the yucca-studded, semi-arid high plains of western Kansas into Cheyenne County.

The only Kansas highway with four distinct geological regions.

American History abounds East to West
The Pony Express, operated from 1860 to 1861. It paralleled US 36 across northeast Kansas. From its home office in St. Joseph, MO to Marysville, KS then turned north & continued to Sacramento, CA.

US 36 is also the crossing point of the Oregon Trail.

 Discover US 36 Hwy and find out why Abraham Lincoln made the  
 statement after visiting Elwood and Troy, Kansas in 1859: 
  • “If I went west, I think I’d go to Kansas.” 

U.S. 36 Highway Association Celebrates 100th Anniversary 
Founded March 21st 1913
First elected officers:

  • Dr. C.W. Cole of  Norton, President 
  • C.F. Travelute of  Marysville, Vice-President   
  • A.Q. Miller of  Belleville, Secretary-Treasurer
Governor Sam Brownback with Senator Elaine Bowers present Kansas Resolution marking March 21st 2013 - US 36 Highway Association Day - in honor of its 100th Anniversary!  
L>R: House Chamber Rep. Sharon Schwartz,
Representative: Travis Couture-Lovelady,
Sarah Kessinger, Editor Marysville Advocate; Christiane 'Criquet' Cole, Assoc. Field Rep.,
Senator Ralph Ostmeyer; Chad Kramer,  Association President, (holding), Jeff Hofaker, Assoc. Board Member /Dir. Phillips County Econ. Devel.  Ward Cassidy, Troy Waymaster,  Randy Garber & Jerry Henry.
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.........US 36 Highway...... The shortest route across Kansas......Save Time & Gas!........ Towns are 25 / 30 miles apart - the distance a wagon train traveled each day!
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Traveling Historical Display....

March 24th > April 23rd
Seneca Free Library - Downtown, Seneca, KS 
Library hours - call (785) 336 - 2377

  Through 2014, and into 2015 the Traveling Display will move westward, county by county along US 36, ending in Cheyenne Co. by 2015.
Traveling Historical Display 2014 - 2015 
      Road Boosters & Auto Clubs from 1910 to the early 30's formed highway associations to raise funds for building better roads.  In Kansas, the original association was called the Rock Island Highway Association (1913), but in 1914 it was merged into the grander vision known as the Pikes Peak Ocean to Ocean Highway (PPOO). This was to be the first trans-continental highway following the 40th parallel, from NY to CA! The Great Depression and WWII altered the PPOO Highway Association's momentum! US 36 Highway didn't get its number from the Bureau of Transportation until 1932.
      On March 21st, 2013, the Highway Association celebrated its 100th Anniversary. In June a citizens committee of Norcatur, KS, working with the Kansas Historical Society, offered their former City Hall (a 1930's vintage WPA building) as the future site of the US 36 Highway Association Museum! 
      Starting January 2014, the Traveling Display was assembled to help raise awareness of the Association's anniversary and the future museum. The modest display consists of assorted memorabilia, pictures, books, award plaques, plus articles of accomplishments over the years! We continue to research for more items.
Did you know that between 1951 - 1954 the Association sponsored 
the ' Miss Perfect 36' Contest!
      If you have any memorabilia, maps, signs, postcards, pictures and wish to donate to the museum or you simply want more information about this initiative write to:
                        US36 Association office:  bonniey@ruraltel.net 

                        US36 Association Board member: Bob Strevey

​                        US36 Webmaster : us36treasurehunt@gmail.com  

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